Day Five: Woodgrain

Oh my! How time flies... we are at the end of our five-day workshop covering 5 of the hottest trends...:( It's been so encouraging reading your comments [read: compliments :)] on our projects and a big thank you to those who have been sweet enough to help spread the word via their blogs. And a ginormous thank you for the lovelies who have taken on the trendy challenges by contributing to our Flickr pool! We will be churning out prizes on June 1st! :)

Moving on to today's fun trend: Woodgrain. Let's get some creative input from the three cool chicks...*winks*

Yvonne's nature-inspired card
Julie's layout with real wood elements!

If you have enjoyed today's projects, please leave us a little love! :) And don't forget to upload your inspired creations to our Flickr group. You have till the end of the month to do so...we'll be churning out some prizes for participants on June 1st! :)
If you like creating with sketches, here is today's layout sketch.

Meanwhile, you can stalk the three of us at our usual blogging haunts if you like [read: we love stalkers-turned-friends! *winks*]...Julie Tucker-Wolek, Amy Tsuruta and Yvonne Yam.
P/s: Just wondering...should we have a Let's Get Trendy Now! Part Two? Let us know in the comments! 



  1. WOW WOW WOW... Amazing projects !!! And Julie .. I love Brookie photos!!!....

    Yvonne...what a great and fantastic way to use different elements into your project!!! Its Beautiful!!...

    Sista... I love your gift wrapper... too cute!!!

    I wish we have 48 hours in one day!!!


  2. Part 2? YES PLEASE!!!!
    Love all the different takes on woodgrain - I'm like Julie, I love it, but sometimes struggle with using it...but I know I have the perfect stuff in my stash to get going.

  3. All 3 of you have such distinct styles which makes it interesting to see your individual take on the trend. I own a woodgrain embossing folder, I am pretty sure I have plenty of woodgrain pp, and I even own some real wood I just need to actually use it :>) Thanks for the ideas. I never thought about using it as a background, but it would be perfect.
    I vote yes for part 2 :>) BTW, I am with Lynnda, I wish there were 48 hours in a day, but my kiddos would need to sleep for the second 1/2 so I could craft!

  4. Oh my goodness! I am LOVING each and every one of your wonderful projects, Yvonne, Julie, and Amy!!! Thank you all so much for sharing your talents with us. I wish I had 48 hours in a day, like Lynnda, but hopefully this weekend I will be able to work on some of these amazing trendy challenges! Yes, PLEASE, have part two!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love your projects - woodgrain is so fun to work with. Thanks for all of the inspiration this week - you guys have really gotten me going again on scrapping!

  6. Great projects! Yes, I'd love a part 2.

  7. You have rocked the wood grain, girlies! Fabulous projects! This has been a terrific workshop - a BIG thank you for all of your efforts!

  8. Wow, it's all already been said!! Yes, a part 2 is in order!

  9. Soooo inspirational.....great projects & sooo varied! Thanks girls! And I have to say, using the hessian with the wood grain....looks fabulous:):)

  10. YES!!! Part 2 would be awesome!!!!! and part 3, 4 ,5......... ;)
    you all rock and i love to "stalk" you all :)

    love the woodgrain items ladies :)
    have to dig for some now!!!

  11. Definitely a Part 2!!! I'm running way behind, but have thoroughly enjoyed this!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these projects today!!

  12. so depressed I missed all the sessions as I can't connect easily using my internet broadband... hmmmmm.....

    1. Hello! You have until the end of the month to play along!

  13. Loved all of your projects and can't wait until I have time to make things inspired by them...5 days left of school and then I'm free! :)

  14. i love to stalk u ladies! let's get trendy now is like my daily readers disgest. haha..

  15. Day Five, Wood grain! It is a timeless trend and I love it from embossing to stamping, great way to add to any project! thanks girls for the 5 days of fun! Looking forward to seeing what you Three Cool chicks come up with in the future! Thanks for all the work and effort! Sylvia

  16. I like the CI cherry woodgrain sheets too...I used one on a tag and put it through a punch first to scallop the edges- turned out great :)